We develop the concept of photo shooKng and filming into a story telling

All designed spaces tell a story. Their stories can sometimes be discerned easily, and at other times need to be discovered through thoughtful consideration. The story can be as simple as a metaphor or as complex as a novel. Just as the adage goes, you can’t judge the object (book) by its exterior (cover). The richness of the object is its contents.

Capture the moment Capture the Brand Turn the product into image and motion

We design the interior and exterior of the property
We choose furniture and equipment
We have the suppliers
See the property before it comes in real
We create the drawings and the most realistc 3D and renders
Alina Tsolakaki
“Design is everything
for me”

The experience of space is not a linear one, nor is it bound by a strict timeline which follows from cause to effect.

The architecture continually adapts itself to new experiences and understandings. Finally, I argue that we do have the ability to.