From conception to experience, all projects are a collaborative world of design, photography and film.

All designed spaces tell a story. Every story is a series of events tied together into a plot and the audience wants to be guided through the plot within your story. Thus, we seek to extend our visualization skills beyond the reliance on static surfaces.

What better way to showcase them and truly capture the essence of each project other than via photography and film?

From the styling of the model and the spaces involved, to the crew and retoucher. No image or scene is a solo act, so we give credit to those that are a grand part of the production and project completion.

The final results for each project can only be seen through their experienced lenses.

Photoshooting –  Capture The Moment. Capture The Brand

There’s often much more than meets the eye at first glance when it comes to architectural and interiors photography…..  (Info about the Photographer)

Filming – Let your Audience Fly with You

Sound and music, virtual mock-ups of building materials and camera ‘flights’ inside and around the building all give you the opportunity to create a long lasting impression to your audience. Films of your project can show your audience a virtual taste of their future, with moving images to boot and so much more….  (Info about the Director)

We design the interior and exterior of the property
We choose furniture and equipment
We have the suppliers
See the property before it comes in real
We create the drawings and the most realistc 3D and renders
Alina Tsolakaki
“Design is everything
for me”

The experience of space is not a linear one, nor is it bound by a strict timeline which follows from cause to effect.

The architecture continually adapts itself to new experiences and understandings. Finally, I argue that we do have the ability to.