Residential Projects

What makes a house feel like a home? What makes people feel like they belong?

Alina Tsolakakis and her expert team rise to the challenge of creating houses with a personal touch. Alina listens to your needs, connects with your vision of personal space and creates a bespoke residency that will exceed all your expectations.

The end result? A space that reflects every aspect of its hosts, expressing their personality and satisfying their needs.

Aquaria Villa
Η επιτομή της πολυτέλειας και της φιλοξενίας σε μια...
Above Blue Villa
Ένας ναός ιδιωτικότητας στην απεραντοσύνη του Αιγαίου
Asteras Beach Villa
Η απόλυτη πολυτέλεια σε μια έκταση 2.500 τ.μ. στην...