Why Every Project Tells a Story

People say that Architects are natural storytellers. Why does a building have a certain shape? Why were the furniture placed on that particular spot? They have to be able to explain the story of their design, to make it understandable for their audience. Yet with us, it does not stop there.

Including a story in a space creates a level of meaning and connection to the user that can be engaging and provoking. The ability for the observer to learn something beyond the obvious causes them to remain, rather than pass by.

The process evolves from an introspective exploration of the client’s mission and passion; the concept, history, shape or intended usage of a building. Editing the message into a simple theme and then expanding it into a complete story throughout all spaces, creates the fullness of the experience. Materiality, structure, form and detail become the vehicles to impart the client’s message.

We use storytelling within architecture to enrich our spaces. It’s not just about decoration. Our design is a competitive advantage that allows users to really connect with each space and imagine themselves within a building.

Never forget, it all starts with a story in mind.

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