FF&E and OS&E

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and Operating Supplies & Equipment

Furniture, Construction & Equipment and Operating Supplies & Equipment

Alina recognizes the importance of choosing the right equipment for a hotel or restaurant. She collaborates with many professionals and suppliers to provide complete services. Her collaborators include furniture manufacturers and suppliers of electric appliances, door frames and consumables. (linen, porcelain, staff uniforms, etc.).

Managing the orders and installing the equipment requires good planning. So Alina Tsolakakis team supervises the whole process:

  • Evaluation of FF&E and OS&E needs.
  • Budgeting the above mentioned needs.
  • Collection of offers and bargaining.
  • Managing the ordering process. (filling in ordering forms etc.)
  • Purchasing any object listed.
  • Monitoring and managing the delivery and installation of equipment according to the original timeline.